B-onfire! Let your Story Work!

Narrative Consulting, Change Facilitation, Executive Coaching

B-onfire offers Narrative Consulting, Change Facilitation and Executive Coaching. A special focus lies on culture/personal transformation, inspirational leadership and community building.

The objective is to co-create smart and meaningful business solutions empowered by people engagement.

Underlying principles are

  • Inspirational stories need charisma, that means Ethos, Pathos and Logos
  • Yes to Diversity and Tension, it is the source for creativity and growth
  • Co-creation is the base for people engagement

Stephanie Bachmair is founder of B-onfire, author and co-initiator of Beyond Storytelling, the conference for narrative work in organizations. More info at www.beyondstorytelling.com.

Depending on type and dimension of the assignment, partners of the Beyond Storytelling Network, co-vadis and Facts & Stories are involved.

Client references:
swb, Dr.Schumacher,  Klosterfrau, Reetec, Beiersdorf, Lufthansa Technik, Tchibo, Daimler, tecis, Wasgau