Christine Erlach


„Storytelling“ is often associated with Content-Marketing and with advertising strategies, that build an emotional bridge to the customer. Leaders seek for narrative tricks to improve their persuasive power and companies are on a quest for their brand story.

But these aspects are just a very small part of the enormous possibilities that Storytelling offers to organizations! Storytelling as an umbrella term for narrative methods is a very powerful approach to organizations that face change processes.

Narrative methods work with the emotions, with the hidden value systems of the employees, and with the official and the secret corporate cultures. They heave tacit knowledge treasures of experts and they make gaps visible between prescribed and really lived norms and beliefs.

Working with the narrative approach means to listen to the messages beyond the words and to give words to the so far wordless assets of the organization and their members.

Having studied Psychology and systemic consulting, I specialized from the 90ies on at heaving hidden knowledge of organizations with narrative methods. I accompany them, when Leaving Experts urge the organization to prevent the loss of critical knowledge. I help them to find, to transfer and to preserve the experiences, Lessons Learned and Best Practices of project teams or whole business units. I find words, stories and metaphors for change, when mergers, new leaders or new strategies challenge the familiar norms and believes in the organizational culture.

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