Jara Von Lüpke


“She listened in a way that made people suddenly remember their own solutions. She didn’t ask or say anything in particular that would bring them to these thoughts. She merely sat and listened with the utmost attention and sympathy, fixing her large eyes on them. And when they finally stumbled upon an idea that they had never even dreamt of before, they felt like it had come from deep within them.” *

My ability to listen and engage on a deep level enables me to grasp what is in the air, give it words and images that push it forward.

As a Visual Facilitator and Graphic Recorder I am helping you to make sense of complex content by translating spoken word into clearly structured and symbolic imagery that allows you to see the bigger picture.

With live-drawing I am creating large-scale visualizations that capture the essence of meetings and conferences. Seeing one’s own ideas visualized fosters a greater sense of engagement amongst participants. Sketching out a project strategy creates clarity around a shared purpose, aids decision-making and makes visible the collective story.

I have been educated in systemic process consultation at the Kaospilots – a hybrid between a design and business school in Denmark.

More of an autodidact then an academic, I believe one can learn from everyone and anything. I have a multi-facetted background and know a little bit about a lot. For the past 4 years I have been gathering experience across sectors from education, culture to business and politics. As a facilitator I enjoy multi-stakeholder processes bringing together various perspectives. As a project manager, I lead campaigns focused on making cities more participative spaces. As a writer I am sharing stories that matter to me through my articles and radio broadcasts.

I am currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark but like to travel and have been working internationally. My work has taken me to Switzerland, Mexico, USA, South Africa and other places.

At the heart of my work is my will to create spaces for people to learn and engage with one another.




* Excerpt from “Momo”, Michael Ende