The work on organizational brands and strategy is identitybased referring to the philosophy of Brand Sourcing. This means the process starts with a deep understanding of the organizational ‚DNA‘ and an exploration of an archetypical structure of its identity. The resulting brand archetype is a powerful navigator for a successful brand positioning, strategy and communication. It allows an authentic representation of the organization and relates to different stakeholders on a value based deep emotional level.

The Story Camp is a team building concept which includes StoryWork – the work with narratives – to let emerge a collective story defining the role of the team within an organization, making current patterns transparent and transforming them in a visionary new collective story. The co-creative approach leads into high team engagement and aims to be grounded in the individual contribution to tackle current business challenges.

Each individual bears a broad set of stories. By developing Lead Stories B-onfire supports individuals in change processes, entrepreneurial or business challenges connecting to a congruent – a True story. Result is an inner awareness of personal vision, archetypical structure and ’superpowers‘ and its authentic communication to the outer world.