Stephanie Bachmair

‚We can be as true to other people, as we are to ourselves’ … the more we discover our story, the more diverse parts we integrate, the more authentic and congruent we become. When we reveal our inner fire, we touch other people and spread warmth into our surrounding.

As a facilitator, story worker and coach, I help people to discover, engage and live their True Story.

After a bachelor in mathematics, I studied International Management in Paris, Oxford and Berlin. Working 13 years with Beiersdorf (NIVEA, Eucerin, Hansaplast) in international leadership and brandmanagement responsabilities, I became mother of three boys and combined in various ways family with professional ambition.

2010, I discovered ‚intuitive‘ approaches like Archetyping and Storytelling in Brand Building processes and have deepened my psychological curiosity by studying process work for Facilitation, Leadership and Coaching with the Deep Democracy Institute, San Francisco (US). My own brand B-onfire, founded in 2012, is a platform promoting the interaction of intellect, sensitivity and passion in corporate facilitation and personal coaching.

‚Such a dreamer, this child!’ that is what my family said, when I was young. Still true, I am a dreamer. Dreaming and sensitive listening are my main sources of inspiration, whereas my passion is to help dreams to become true
…. like Walt Disney expressed so nicely: ,If you can dream it, you can do it’.

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