Wolfgang Tonninger


“The shortest distance to the other is once around the world.”

Corporate culture starts with the people and the stories they tell. Because a word can open a world, how we speak, what we speak and the stories we tell define and become who we are. Seeing ourselves as human becomings the journey of telling and re-telling our stories does not have an end destination where we can rest forever in the bliss of having arrived; instead, the journey is about negotiating our identities in the multiplicity of stories that we call our lives.

After studying Philosophy, Sociology and Literature, founding two companies in the fields of communication and extensive travels in China and the Americas, I became a trainer for holistic learning and – through my encounters with David Denborough, Karl Tomm, David Epston, Chené Swart and Gunther Schmidt – finally a systemic coach with a narrative bias. Ready to use my communication experience to foster innovation and cultural transformation.

Narrative Work with People and/in Organizations goes far beyond the storytelling hype. It is about learning to avoid ways of speaking and listening that unintentionally express disrespect for others. We want to focus on ways of producing ourselves differently. It is a lifestyle and political project as much as coaching. We have learned to focus on personal deficits in ways that speak of failure rather than accomplishment, that produce social hierarchies (experts who often appear to know more about people´s lives than they do themselves), and that erode our sense of communal interdependence and common purpose.

Machines produce sameness. Human systems like organizations create diversity. The narrative approach helps to co-construct unity in diversity. An ambitious project.

My heart feels young and curious. My life is about learning. Imagine if your organization would encourage this principle instead of pivoting on routines.

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